5 reasons why you may need a new website

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January 5, 2020

5 reasons why you may need a new website

5 Reasons why you may need a new website

Your website is the foundation of your marketing campaign – digital or traditional. It’s because all marketing messages eventually lead to your site. So it’s critical – yes, critical to make sure your website is on target with the latest trends and technology.

Here’s five reasons why you should invest in a new website to update your look & attract potential customers


The user experience

Your website should offer a user experience that connects with your target audience. If your website takes a long time to load, is difficult to navigate, or your audience doesn’t understand what certain areas and buttons are used for, your website is not user-friendly.  A great example is a website we designed for a Lasik surgeon with larger than usual fonts because most people visiting will have vision challenges. A few weeks after we launched, we saw a substantial spike in leads. Most people will not return to a website that is overly complicated or outdated. And many want to return as part of the shopping process. That that includes shopping for everything – in this case, even Lasik.

Although your website can have a fresh look, it needs to have a user experience that’s easy to navigate. Shopping for any product or service is a journey. You want to take your audience on a journey through your site.


It doesn’t reflect your brand

Maybe you’ve been running your company for a few years and your business model and target audience have changed.

Your brand values have changed but does it reflect on your current website?

When someone visits your website for the first time, the homepage is their first impression that represents your business. it’s important for established businesses to have a presence online connects their brand and real world presence.

Your website has the potential to elevate your brand to a whole new level but that’s only possible if:

  1. It aligns with your brand
  2. Clearly showcases the work you do
  3. You’re proud of it

In today’s marketing, being authentic is key. Most of us have been using the internet for at least two decades (give or take a few) so we can spot a brand that’s authentic. Making sure your website accurately reflects your brand is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate authenticity.


Your Website Is Not Responsive

Mobile is massive and has been for years. On average, 82% of traffic comes from a mobile device. Nothing is more annoying than visiting a site where you need to use your fingers to enlarge each page to read the text or having your thumb constantly clicking on the wrong link!

Having a mobile and tablet-friendly website is important in capturing and converting a huge chunk of traffic that visits your site on the go.

74% of people judge websites by their look

The way your website looks can have a major impact on growing your business.

It poorly converts

This is more important that it sounds. The goal of your business website should be to help generate leads, inquiries or sales — depending on the nature of your business.

There’s many factors involved in determining what’s working and what’s not. A redesign shouldn’t happen until you understand why your existing site is no longer winning leads. It could be your call to action or the site navigation is not best designed for maximum sales and conversions.

Small things make a big difference. We’ve seen the color change of a single button on a website bring an increase in leads. Before redesigning your website, It’s essential to analyze metrics and study conversions before leaping in.


SEO is not optimized

After your design is up-to-date, remember to optimize the SEO settings for your website content. Google is constantly changing algorithms, which can cause your website to fall behind in search results. updating your website design and keywords will improve your results.

Having a fresh website that truly reflects your brand, is easy to navigate, and converts traffic is essential to any successful business. This also shows that you are willing to invest in your business, and that you take your business seriously.

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About the Author: Steve Harper


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