Experience matters

Steve Harper is a big media guy. From his morning shows on WBLI and K98.3 radio to television and digital, he's been helping businesses get exposure for decades. He knows what works. And what doesn't. Steve loves his family, craft beer (especially Long Island's) and getting calls from clients who got great results.

Your marketing dream team

Steve founded his marketing agency years ago with one mission - to help people grow their business cost-effectively. He's put together a team of the best, most creative, geekiest experts available. We're obsessed over marketing details so you don't have to be. We are card-carrying members of the tech revolution. We live and breathe this stuff. We develop, we optimize, we analyze, we manage. Any device, any time. If it doesn’t build your brand, drive new leads or help you achieve your goals, we won’t do it.

Meet Team Harper

Size doesn’t matter

We help businesses of all sizes, large and small, improve their marketing. We give the same detailed attention to everyone. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

and the winner is...

The Harper Marketing team has won many awards in marketing and media. We don’t mean to brag but...one of those includes an emmy nomination. It’s nice to be loved!

Now, let's get Harper. And get you results.