Our Combo Strategy Drives Performance

Social media leads to revenue. It can be measured. It can be optimized. Harper Marketing's approach to social media is built on three foundations: content, campaigns and conversion. Each of these alone can drive performance, but in combination the effects are multiplied exponentially. That’s when we get industry-leading performance.

Our formula for your social success

C CONTENT: From Facebook posts to media-rich tweets, we create engaging, relevant and action-driven social media content.

C CAMPAIGNS: Our paid media campaigns drive performance by hyper-targeting according to behavior, demographics, location, device and other critical criteria.

C CONVERSION:With the right message at the right time we turn clicks into customers.

Let’s engage them

Consumers want to be a part of your brand. We engage your social media audience with compelling designs, meaningful interaction, and relevant content primed for participation and feedback.

Your most powerful stories (that lead to business growth) are told by your fans!

you can’t buy trust in Social

But you can earn it. Brands have to work harder and smarter to connect. We can help.

Let's get social. And get you results!

Learn how a highly targeted Facebook marketing campaign can generate high quality leads at a surprisingly low cost per lead.

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