We’re a creative agency at heart,
and we’ll always follow our hearts.

Great creative stirs the soul. It agitates, evokes, encourages, excites. It generates a spark that compels a purchase. We take pride in our ability to turn ideas into creative results. The target is always the same—the heart. People don’t think their way into a new car or a pair of shoes. They need to be moved. Let’s go.

Harper Marketing can grow your business with these services:

TV and Radio Commercials
Full Video Production
Print and Outdoor Advertising
Collateral Design
Direct Mail Programs
Product sheets and Brochures
Logo Development

Everything to market your business

To grow your business, you need to promote your business. And you can count on Harper Marketing to help you look good. We can design and produce everything from banners to brochures to business cards.

Video is essential

Motion evokes emotion. Video can powerfully tell your story while connecting with consumers on an emotional level. It’s that emotion that sells your brand. And that’s why video in social media, websites and television is used now more than ever.


Creativity meets strategy

Our in-house team of designers, art directors, writers, and marketers work with you combining research and experience. Together, we’ll design creative content that captures attention and meets your goals.

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