We'll uncover your story

People don’t wake up caring about your company. They need a reason to care. And it better be a good one. So what’s yours? We can help you figure it out. We’ll dig deep into your culture, your customers and just about everything else that makes you tick. We’ll uncover your story. And we’ll make it juicy. So people will care. And keep coming back for more.

harper Marketing's branding services include:

Brand Strategy & Position
Message & Tone of Voice
Logos & Iconography
Brand Guidelines
Lifestyle & Product Photography
Packaging & Product Design
Retail & Branded Spaces
Strategic Marketing Planning

Create brand love.

Your brand is your promise to your consumer. It confirms your credibility, creates loyalty, and connects emotionally with your consumer. That motivates your audience to choose your services.

be Distinct

Great logos are the starting line to great brand identities. Signage, email marketing, social media and other tools should be designed so they tell a story. Brand identity makes that happen.

Be a better brand

Well-designed brands are invaluable. The colors used in your logo, the shape of your building signage, the unique stock and layout of your business cards – all of these combine to create brands that matter. Better brands last and create value.

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